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Losing the Formalities– For me, when I come home and don’t feel a sense of calm, but more so, don’t feel inspired or happy with my place of refuge, I know it’s time for a change.

I recently decided to take my own advice and I gave the largest room in my house–a room originally designed as a formal living room–a new feeling of comfort. I wanted to make this room a place I would actually want to spent a lot of time in. I wanted it to reflect my style and I wanted it surrounded with the things I love.

 N owadays, transforming an entire room not only seems daunting, but it seems expensive, and like most of us, I was looking for a way to completely change things as inexpensively as possible.

Beth Keim is the owner of Lucy and Company, a full-service interior design firm located at 1009 East Boulevard. They can be reached at 704-342-6655 or at

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Once a Client, Always a Client– Unveiling a new home or completed renovation is like Christmas morning. The homeowners are excited about their finished project. But what about later, when regular maintenance and warranty repairs are needed? Or you decide to add another bedroom for a growing family? Homes are dynamic environments subject to the elements, daily usage, and your own changing lifestyle.

 That’s why my company, Hubert Whitlock Builders, operates on a “Builder for Life”concept. Our intimate knowledge of your home is a continuing benefit that will sustain your home long into the future. To guide maintenance and plan any subsequent additions, who knows your house better than the builder? To complete warranty work, who has more leverage over the contractors who installed your systems and appliances than the builder who hired them?

 “Your builder should be for your house, like your trusted mechanic is for your car.” That advice comes from Tyler Mahan, our vice president of production. “When you hear a noise in your car, you take it to the mechanic who really knows your vehicle. And when you have an issue with your house, it’s the builder who understands the ramifications.”

Scott Whitlock is the president of Hubert Whitlock Builders. Established in 1957, they are known as one of the Charlotte area’s premier builders and can be reached at 704-364-9577 or

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The Science of Cabinetry–  The science of cabinetry and good kitchen design, starts with the materials that are used  in the construction of the cabinets.  The highest-quality cabinets are primarily constructed with natural hardwoods. Other components such as plywood, particle board and fiber board may contain unseen dangers such as formaldehydes, chemicals and toxic gases.

 Avoid imported materials that come from sources that lack regulatory checks. T he engineering of the kitchen design will determine its usefulness over time. Make sure you identify all the items that need to be stored and make sure the access is easy to reach. Numerous storage solutions are available. A properly engineered kitchen will always be a joy.

 Aaron Dumford is the regional manager of Old River Cabinets. To reach him to discuss cabinets for your home, call 704-831-6267 or visit them in person at 10235 Perimeter Parkway, conveniently located one block West of I-77 off Harris Boulevard in Charlotte. Visit to learn more about their Virginia manufacturing facility or preview their product lines.

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The time has come – or actually returned – to add the decadent beauty of natural stone back into landscapes and home interiors. Thanks to competitive prices and improved scheduling, many alternatives and variations of stone exist for homeowners to choose from, including precast and natural stone.

We’ve turned to some of Charlotte’s foremost stonemasons and suppliers to cover the gamut of info from applications of real stone to colors to permanence and everything in-between. This is a savvy-consumer primer, making your home stone decisions more clear-cut.

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The recovering economy may be encouraging us to make changes that enhance the appearance and functionality of our homes. But in these realistic times, we are re-defining luxury. The spending patterns that have emerged reveal our new emphasis on quality, affordability and long-term value.

Design trends have followed suit, as interiors now reflect a “less is more” philosophy that uses every inch of space wisely, conserves energy, and strikes a balance between substance and style.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recently announced the winners of its annual design competition, along with the top 10 design trends, many of which mirror our new

mindset. From practical to the purely aesthetic, we compared the results from NKBA with feedback from Charlotte design professionals to bring you the most significant kitchen and bath trends in our market.

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One of the first things you notice when you enter the Myers Park home where Dick and Sallie Klingman live is the beautiful Tuscan-styled garden that lies just beyond the French doors in the solarium. Immediately in the foreground of the sun-baked patio, is a wall of Tea Olive trees that beautifully frame the view of a lawn sculpture and a sitting area that is off in the distance. There is a formality to the design of the patio that lies right outside the doors, yet on further inspection, when you look beyond the first outside room, you notice the informality of the sculpture that lies deeper in the yard. 
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1.  Tole Waste Paper Baskets in bright colors with fresh geometric patterns. Abode. 704-332-3731.

 2.  With the Zikmu, you can stream music from your wireless device or phone, or from your PC using Wi-Fi or Mac using Bluetooth. Designed by Philippe Starck. Design Within Reach.  704-365-6514

 3.  Alula wallpaper is a layered, organic, modern take on florals. The pattern appears to be composed of jellyfish, but it is actually the movement, depth and the composition of the pattern which creates this sort of oceanic feel. Lucy & Company. lucyandcompany. com. 704-342-6655.

 4.  Nolte Home Studio offers this more modern and elegant alternative to traditional backsplashes with six impressive motifs – measuring 600 to1800 mm in width. Nolte Home Studio. 704-542-4640.

 5.  Cool comfort! The Rothko chair features a swivel base, comes standard with down cushions, and is available in hundreds of fabrics. City Supply Co. 704-347-2489.

 6.  This beautiful, hand-blown glass pendant is made of translucent glass with a crackle texture. The pendant is available in a variety of vibrant colors that will compliment both modern and traditional interiors. Modern Lighting Design Showroom. 704-332-0109.

7.  Bracelet by Dori Csengeri. Fresh and exciting pieces that are hand crafted using materials such as fine stones, swarovski crystals, bohemian beads, shell, wood, metal and leather-backed for comfort. Sedona Boutique. 704-362-5507.

 Special thanks to Kathleen Hands for research.

1. Sconce lighting on both sides of the mirror is the best way to provide even illumination for a vanity. See the ‘echo’ sconce, featured here in its simple elegance, and many other options at the Modern Lighting Design Showroom in Historic Southend District. Modern Lighting Design Showroom. 704-332-0109.

 2. SmartTouch® Technology by Brizo does nothing less than change the way you interact with water. Simply touch anywhere on the faucet body or handle to turn on or off the water. HD Kitchen and Bath Collection. Huntersville: 704-892-6466, Charlotte: 704-845-5970.

 3. An oven that listens to you? Precisely. Introducing the industry’s best performing wall oven featuring the intuitive new Culinary Center, expertly calibrated for a whole new level of precision. Simply tell it what you’re making, your desired doneness and cookware type for superior results every time. Experience it in action, and explore the next generation of Jenn-Air® appliances.

 4. 3D Aluminum mosaic tiles provide the look of stainless steel metal mosaic tiles but with added texture and durability. The circular brushed aluminum finish gives a unique modern aesthetic while the extruded structure of the tiles provides superior durability and support once installed. The Tile Collection. 704-541-8453.

 5. The new Sub-Zero 36” built-in overlay refrigerator model BI-36R/O shown in flush inset application with wood panels and with glass door. Queen City TV and Appliances. 704-391-6000. 

6. Be environmentally friendly and stylish with ECO countertops by Cosentino. This non-porous countertop is made from recycled materials, does not require sealers, is available in 10 designer colors and two textures (Leather™ and polished) and is backed by a 10-year limited warranty. Stone Systems of North Carolina. 704-238-1659.

 7. The Kallos glass undercounter lavatory offers a distinctive architectural pattern reminiscent of fine crystal. The lavatory’s design creates stunning visual depth, while appropriately obstructing the view of toiletries stored inside the vanity. Ferguson Kitchen and Bath. 704-370-2020.

 8. The most useful kitchens use every inch of space. Storage solutions integrated into the Custom Cabinetry of Old River Cabinets allows you to utilize every inch of space within your kitchen. Let no corner be left untouched. Old River Cabinets. 704-831-6267.

1. Looking for stylish, comfortable and virtually maintenance free outdoor furniture? WeatherMaster synthetic wicker may be the outdoor furniture of choice. One of our collections, South Hampton by Lane Venture, offers a world of simple abundance with nature and sophistication. Porches and Yards. 704-987-3544.

 2. Big Sur three piece media cabinet in antique black finish. Oversized with a mirrored top, this versatile storage piece would be a perfect addition to any room. City Supply Co. 704-347-2489.

 3. The Ravella rug is a beautiful and versatile accent that can be used both indoor and outdoors. Its great for a busy kitchen or on your back deck. It was designed by Liora Manne for the Trans-Ocean Rug collection. Made from 70% polypropylene and 30% acrylic pile. Available in a variety of sizes. Front Door Fabrics. 704-844-6330.

 4. Amy Butler, A designer best known for her modern, relaxed approach to botanical, geometric and romantic inspirations has designed a collection of 36 distinct, eyecatching wallpapers exclusively for Graham & Brown. Wallpapers pictured are from two of the lines, Ocean and Midnight.

 5. The Caboche Grande chandelier is asuspension lamp composed by transparent globes of amber or a clear translucent color. A shade in white matte finish glass offers direct upward and downward light projection and diffusion throughout the space. Modern Lighting Design Showroom. 704-332-0109.

 6. Up the style quotient with a sleek bentwood seat embellished with graphic prints! .5”w x 19”d x 34.5”h; 18.5”h seat. Strong bentwood construction and sturdy chrome-plated iron base. Simple assembly.

 7. A nod to ancient China’s guardians, the Foo Dogs are a traditional lamp with the signature Barbara Cosgrove twist, reinvented in cool clean neutral colors. The Furniture Connector. 704-507-9023.

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