The Science of Cabinetry–  The science of cabinetry and good kitchen design, starts with the materials that are used  in the construction of the cabinets.  The highest-quality cabinets are primarily constructed with natural hardwoods. Other components such as plywood, particle board and fiber board may contain unseen dangers such as formaldehydes, chemicals and toxic gases.

 Avoid imported materials that come from sources that lack regulatory checks. T he engineering of the kitchen design will determine its usefulness over time. Make sure you identify all the items that need to be stored and make sure the access is easy to reach. Numerous storage solutions are available. A properly engineered kitchen will always be a joy.

 Aaron Dumford is the regional manager of Old River Cabinets. To reach him to discuss cabinets for your home, call 704-831-6267 or visit them in person at 10235 Perimeter Parkway, conveniently located one block West of I-77 off Harris Boulevard in Charlotte. Visit to learn more about their Virginia manufacturing facility or preview their product lines.

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