Losing the Formalities– For me, when I come home and don’t feel a sense of calm, but more so, don’t feel inspired or happy with my place of refuge, I know it’s time for a change.

I recently decided to take my own advice and I gave the largest room in my house–a room originally designed as a formal living room–a new feeling of comfort. I wanted to make this room a place I would actually want to spent a lot of time in. I wanted it to reflect my style and I wanted it surrounded with the things I love.

 N owadays, transforming an entire room not only seems daunting, but it seems expensive, and like most of us, I was looking for a way to completely change things as inexpensively as possible.

Beth Keim is the owner of Lucy and Company, a full-service interior design firm located at 1009 East Boulevard. They can be reached at 704-342-6655 or at lucyandcompany.com.

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