Once a Client, Always a Client– Unveiling a new home or completed renovation is like Christmas morning. The homeowners are excited about their finished project. But what about later, when regular maintenance and warranty repairs are needed? Or you decide to add another bedroom for a growing family? Homes are dynamic environments subject to the elements, daily usage, and your own changing lifestyle.

 That’s why my company, Hubert Whitlock Builders, operates on a “Builder for Life”concept. Our intimate knowledge of your home is a continuing benefit that will sustain your home long into the future. To guide maintenance and plan any subsequent additions, who knows your house better than the builder? To complete warranty work, who has more leverage over the contractors who installed your systems and appliances than the builder who hired them?

 “Your builder should be for your house, like your trusted mechanic is for your car.” That advice comes from Tyler Mahan, our vice president of production. “When you hear a noise in your car, you take it to the mechanic who really knows your vehicle. And when you have an issue with your house, it’s the builder who understands the ramifications.”

Scott Whitlock is the president of Hubert Whitlock Builders. Established in 1957, they are known as one of the Charlotte area’s premier builders and can be reached at 704-364-9577 or whitlockbuilders.com.

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