Though the Italians may be credited for giving birth to the original pizza, over the centuries, Americans have adopted it so whole-heartedly, that it now ranks almost as high on the patriotic scale as apple pie and hot dogs.  In fact, some three billion pizzas are consumed in the United States annually.  It may come as little surprise then that many would want to create that same hand-made, pizza-parlor flavor in their own homes; that taste just cannot be conceived from the frozen pizza variety.

      “While I wouldn’t call it a new trend, residential wood-fired pizza ovens have increased in popularity over the past 15 years,” says Jean-Paul Yotnegparian, vice president of Earthstone Ovens. “People go to a restaurant, they like the food and they want to replicate it. The only way to do that is to use the same type of wood-fired oven as the restaurant.”

      “Just about anything that can be baked, grilled or roasted can be prepared in a wood-fired pizza oven, including fish, chicken, beef, breads and more,” says Jean-Paul.

      Earthstone Ovens and Wildwood Ovens are just two of the handful of manufacturers of wood-fired pizza ovens in the United States. While both vendors are based in California, they ship their ovens world-wide. The ovens come either as modulars with separate pieces requiring a bit of construction on the homeowner’s part or as preassembled ovens. Some preassembled ovens even come with a metal stand so there is no need to cut into stone or build around it. More than likely, no matter which oven is chosen, a mason, builder, and/or landscape designer will need to be brought on board to encase the oven and make it more aesthetically pleasing. 

      Once you have the ‘guts’ of the oven, your finish is only limited to whatever you can dream up.

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