Clean lines, creative storage and value are the hottest trends in kitchen cabinets right now. While cabinet exteriors are less ornate than in years passed, interior storage is becoming more sophisticated in order to maximize space and offer greater accessibility.

Green remains a hot trend, as consumers seek options that are both environmentally friendly and formaldehyde-free, while value remains a key concern at all price points.

Below are some of the hottest trends in kitchen cabinets today:

  • Design trends continue to favor clean lines and a streamlined, uncluttered appearance, with classic, timeless design the watchword of the day.
  • Value remains critically important to consumers, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean inexpensive. Rather, it’s about offering cabinets with features and options that consumers really want and need.
  • Consumers are demanding more features at every price point, and new technology is helping to make this a reality.  As a result. semi-custom and even stock cabinetry are offering more options and better storage.
  • With oversized trophy kitchens falling out of favor, storage has become more critical than ever, with clever interior storage options that maximize space and accessibility becoming not just desired, but expected.
  • The green trend remains strong, and formaldehyde-free wood, CARB-compliant products and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) materials are some of the more popular green requests.
  • When it comes to wood choices, maple and cherry remain hot, while walnut and mahogany offer a more rustic look that ties into the trend toward warmer spaces. Bamboo, although a small niche segment right now, is gaining ground with the ecologically minded.

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