Traditionally more conservative in our tastes, Charlotte may never be in the same league with the trend-setting markets of New York, Chicago, L.A. and Miami. But some design retailers say things are shaking up in the Queen City, as Charlotte homeowners are
beginning to purchase more modern, contemporary styles for their home furnishings.
    “There has been a major shift in the past few years,” says Tim Cohen, co-manager of Stark Carpets Design Center and Luxury Outlet in Charlotte. “More of our customers than ever before are purchasing modern and contemporary designs. Even when they want a traditional Oriental, their color choices are muted, which is more in line with more
contemporary styling.”
    “Charlotte has embraced the contemporary designs we’ve been seeing in all the shelter magazines for a few years now,” states Tim. “Our city has caught up to some of the most trend-setting markets in the country.”
    Featuring rugs created by today’s high-profile designers, including Sherill Canet, Alexa Hampton, David Hicks, Nina Campbell, Diamond Baratta, and Juan Montoya, Stark has a staggering inventory of beautiful contemporary designs in their showroom. Tim explains that whether woven or tufted, the carpets are all of the highest quality.

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