Quality cabinetry isn’t an item someone should sell you. It’s an investment you should choose after educating yourself. As an educated homeowner you can end up actually spending less—often far less—for the quality and design you want, by reviewing the details of the perceived high end estimate. Do not assume the lowest estimate is your best deal.

I remember a recent case where a homeowner got two estimates for new kitchen cabinets. Sometime later he called me because the door style he wanted wasn’t included in the lower estimate— and he’d been told by his vendor these doors would add $7,000 to a $24,000 job.

Most cabinet companies will provide you a set of standard options for doors, drawers, hardware, and molding—and anything else is an upgrade. So to avoid the most common pitfalls of the cabinet design process, let me suggest four questions you should ask:

Are all the door styles the same price? Certain styles are more in demand so vendors charge more. It’s the same reason that blue jeans with holes cost more money, because they’re the current fashion. Ninety percent of cabinet companies buy doors from someone else. So by the time the doors get into your kitchen, you may be paying for the profit and overhead of two or more middlemen. At Old River Cabinets we manufacture our own doors. It doesn’t matter what style you choose since the prices are all the same.

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