In my business I believe a nursery is all about Mom. It’s a room women dream of creating to welcome their new baby. It’s a
beautiful space to soak in some quite time while a baby is being rocked to sleep or a place to simply to gaze at while checking
in on a baby during nap time. Nurseries are an exciting thing to create in anticipation. Nurseries should transition easily into
a little person’s room. Roll in the bed and bide your time.

The teen room is generally the next, well, expense, or should I say long awaited dream – depending on who you ask. By the age of 13, I feel personalities should be expressed and function should rule. Mom appreciates the organization and their daughter’s feel a sense of expression and ownership.

Recently, I was asked to help in the completion of a ten-year-old preteen room. I was handed three things, brown walls, a fuchsia headboard and a bunch of trophies – my starting point. Emma and her mom, Stacy, were enthusiastic clients and every designer’s dream–they had trust in my skills and wanted to be surprised, so I was free to pull it all together.

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