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After one of the coldest winters on record, who isn’t ready to throw open the shutters and throw out our tired old décor? Maybe you can’t afford go-for-broke redecorating this year, but you can still give your home a fresh new look for the season. Follow the advice of Charlotte’s leading interior design specialists, who gave us their best ideas for making simple, affordable changes that will help you and your rooms lighten up for spring. 

Out with the old says interior designer Eric Ennis of The Furniture Connector in Charlotte, who advises clients to start the new season fresh by eliminating clutter and getting rid of items they don’t love.

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Graham & Brown is an international company that designs and manufacturers sophisticated wallpaper and wall art, and prides itself on its initiatives in the wallcovering market. They are recognized as a powerful creative source when it comes to pattern and color. With great designs, stunning textures, and ease of use, Graham & Brown strives to recreate the wallpaper experience by subtracting less time and hassle and adding more ease and color.

Wallpapering is often percieved to be difficult, however with Graham & Brown’s Superfresco Easy wallpaper, your room can be re-decorated in a matter of minutes. An entire room could be prepared in half the time it takes to hang regular wallpaper, and probably quicker than appyling two coats of paint.

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HELP—I have a roof leak!
I have a rental property with a deck over a kitchen–it’s to the left of the picture. Anyway, the roof above is leaking—I need an estimate for someone to fix this. Please contact me at

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