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Urban Home Magazine Featured HomeHere is a sneak peek at the stunning farmhouse that will be featured in Urban Home Magazine’s January issue.  This Lincolnton home brings together an eclectic mix of modern pieces and rustic charm. The interior design was done by Aida Saul of Luxe in Charlotte NC. The general contractor was M Pete Designs of Charlotte NC.





If you are unfamiliar with Modern Style, just think of the Atomic Age—the sexy, stylized and provocative era recently immortized by the hit television show Mad Men or the classicly hip and sophisticated Rat Pack.

But Modernism, as it relates to house design was not just another important architectural style — It presented a new way of thinking about architecture. It emphasizes form and function at its purest level.

The basic tenets of Modernism emphasized function and utility; abstract beauty, sculptural form, and symbolism; honesty in materials; and the use of modern materials and technology as well as an emphasis on the use of natural materials.

The Cloisters neighborhood in Charlotte is one of Charlotte’s best preserved examples of upscale suburban landscape planning executed in the mid-twentieth century. Many Modernist homes can be found in this urban sanctuary.

The developers took their inspiration from the philosophy of designers such as Frank Lloyd Wright and the Olmsted brothers, who taught that suburban street patterns should respect the contours of the land.  Homes in this neighborhood are sited to have the maximum privacy and best views of the surrounding trees and lush landscapes. 

Graham and Brown 18019 Vogue


It is possible to feel rich and powerful, even in this economy.  Take a tip from leading fashion and interior designers and punch up your interiors with purple.  Once reserved for European royalty, the statement-making color is enjoying a comeback . . . (view the entire article)

1. The Roots Collection by Agnes & Hoss for Stonegate Designs combines the organically-inspired aesthetic of Agnes & Hoss with the expert craftsmanship of Stonegate Designs.  This table lamp is available in any current Agnes & Hoss print design on silk charmeuse.  Agnes & Hoss.

2. These colored cork tiles are whitewashed and are available in sizes 12″ x 24″ and accent tiles in size 4″ x 4″.  Colors are Slate Gray and Amethyst. Metropolitan Kitchen & Bath. 704-334-2002.

3. This Dualit toaster is hand-assembled in England and loaded with high-end features.  It has extra-wide, pressure sensitive, and spring-loaded slots for a “sandwich cage”.  The Purple Store.

4. The Besa Lighting pendant’s colored glass cylinder provides great direction light and adds the perfect little touch of purple to any kitchen. Lighting and Bulbs Unlimited. 704-845-8844.

5. The Rug Company’s Overleaf rug by Marni is a bold statement spawned from a more traditional print.  Made from 100-knot Tibetan wool. Lucy & Company. 704-342-6655.

6. The Crossville glass box tile can be used on interior and exterior walls.  They are available in four different sizes and four different shades of purple. Crossville.  704-327-8453.

7. The Papaja is a fun way to display your interior potted plants in style.  Lacquered interior; makes the plant pot waterproof.  Fits flowerpots up to 5 1/8″ in diameter. Ikea.  704-549-4532.

8. The Oly Beijing vases are made of cast polished resin.  They come in a set of four.  Oly.

9. The Thayla chair by Kartell boasts a surprisingly simple design, a strong graphic impact that captures the attention.  It is a transparent or coloured polycarbonate chair made using gas injection moulding.  Kartell.

reaching quiet-Wienmiller Indigo

Mirroring today’s simpler lifestyles, home décor is more down-to-earth in lieu of opulent and flashy – and not just in terms of going “green.” Homeowners are refocusing values on subtlety and comfort instead of what’s new and abuzz. Keeping up with the Joneses is no longer primary; now it’s about expressing personal style – tastefully . . . (view the entire article)

Nature Trend
1. The wood grain wall covering uses matte and iridescent inks to create a luminous moire in five rich colors.  Constructed with natural fibers of organic cotton, bamboo and hemp, all patterns coordinate and are available in seven colors. Stark Carpet.  704-588-8842.

2. With a Bamboo shade, the Hanalei Bay collection brings the tropics indoors in style.  Fixtue Height: 15″ by 30″.  Lighting and Bulbs Unlimited. 704-845-8844.

3. The Prexury Collection by Cosentino merges the natural beauty of semi-precious stones, petrified woods, and fossils with modern technology to create an extremely durable surfacing material that sets a new standard of decor, elegance and sophistication.  Available in twelve colors. Stone Systems of the Carolinas.  704-238-1659

4. The banister floor lamp by Global Views incorporates natural elements into any room with a substantial wood base and crisp linen shade.  Shown in the scratched white finish.  Lucy & Company. 704-342-6655.

5. Nature inspires a peaceful, relaxing, airy, clean and inspirational space filled with hues, colors and textures of our beautiful world.  A vintage rug, woven tapestry, embroidered fabric, natural silks and cotton linens, light colored wood pieces all bring the essence of our beautiful outdoors inside. Front Door Fabrics.   704-844-6330.

7. These cork tiles are sized 12″ x 12″ and 12″ x 24″.  This pattern can be done in smaller sizes and can be installed for flooring or wall use.  The colors used are Olivewood and Bleached.  Metropolitan Kitchen & Bath. 704-334-2002.

8. The distinctive Flint Side Table is an architectural form of natural materials.  The organic nature of the materials, when paired with strong lines and a graphic shape, create a handsome and uncomplicated side table.  Made from limestone and wrought antique brass. McGuire Furniture.

9. Teragren’s hard and durable alternative to traditional butcher block delivers an intriguing and subtle parquet pattern of end-grain bamboo into modern kitchens. Teragren.

10. With humanely gathered feathers, arranged by hand on non-woven paper backed panels, the Montauk wallcovering is crafted entirely by hand using all natural feathers.  This textured wallcovering offers a sense of luxury and beauty that can only come from nature. Studio 21.  704-376-1701.

Nature is coming inside! The use of products from nature is a hot design trend. Examples would be bamboo flooring, leather tiles, concrete counter-tops, tables/furniture made of products from nature (wood, rope, cork, shells, etc), paper products/light fixtures, carpet made from cardboard, fabrics/wallpaper made from feathers or natural products, etc…

Mid Century Modern 220090630_UH_Cloisters_LOWWW-0378

Our feature home for the October issue is a beautiful mid-century showplace in The Cloisters neighborhood. This home has a wonderful floor plan, artwork form dozens of local artists, and decorating that is chiq and sophisticated. Here’s a sneak peek at the home.

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