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Do you have a wealth of experience in remodeling, decorating, real estate or outdoor living? If so, this is the place where you can share your knowledge. Submit a picture, send us some text, and start telling your story. It could be expert tips or projects that are happening right now—masterpieces in progress so to speak. Who said PR is expensive? Here, it’s free!  
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Found a great new shop that you want to share? If you have a local business and want to promote a sale or news about your store–this is where you can do that.  Or simply pass on the buzz about an upcoming event.     
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This is where you can submit any hot new product or trend you find-share it with Urban Home Blog! If you own a local retail store, send us a picture of new merchandise or style trends and we will help spread the word!  
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Are you embarking on a remodeling or decorating  journey and want the world to know about it? Share your experiences with us and our readers. You might just find someone who is doing the same type of project and you can share resources and tips! We may even pick up your project for a feature magazine story!   (See below of how to submit posts)

Do you need help with a decorating or remodeling project for your home? Maybe you are looking for advice from another homeowner that has solved a similar problem. Perhaps you just need an estimate from a local design professional. This is the place to post topics and get lot of advice.  You name it, we’ve got you covered. From landscaping, to wallpaper to the kitchen sink, let the Urban Home community at large help solve your decorating delima!

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Send your photos and an email description of Expert Advice, Local Buzz, Product or Trend Topics or Dwelling Projects to our Urban Home Magazine Staff. After review of all materials we’ll post it to share with all of our readers.

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      Save My Space—I have a roof leak !     
I have a rental property with a deck over a kitchen–it’s to the left of the picture. Anyway, the roof above is leaking—I need an estimate for someone to fix this. Please contact me at


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