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You might think that homeowners who go with a custom design for their kitchen cabinets do so primarily for aesthetic reasons.  But in my experience, improved efficiency is the main reason that prompts people to remodel a kitchen  and install new cabinetry. Then, after they discover you don’t have to choose between form and function, that’s when they come to a custom cabinet company.
The notion of “form versus function” is a false dilemma. If you think that buying custom cabinetry means that you’re putting form over function, think again. Custom-designed cabinets actually give you the best opportunity to combine form and function.

Most homeowners know that custom cabinetry is beautiful. Let me illustrate why a custom design offers superior function, as well. L et’s say you want to install a corner cabinet. You can use a Lazy Susan configuration or the newer Magic Corner design that allows shelves to tuck away when the door is closed. If you work with a company that uses standard “box” cabinets from a manufacturer, it has a ripple effect on the entire kitchen. That corner cabinet “box” is a standard size—a size which the “box” cabinets to the left and right must accommodate. And as those cabinets are shifted further away from the corner, they in turn affect how the next cabinets must be configured.

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Aaron Dumford is regional manager of Old River Cabinets. Call him at 704-831-6267 or visit 10235 Perimeter Parkway, one block west of I-77 off Harris Boulevard in Charlotte. You can also visit to learn more about their manufacturing facilities and preview their product lines.

Trent Haston

Just because a home is beautiful on the outside, doesn’t mean it’s functional on the inside. Recently, we had the opportunity to help a Myers Park family, with the renovation of their kitchen. Their home was a beautiful Cape Cod, but it needed a comfortable kitchen to match its classic curb appeal.

Confined and outdated, the space was overwhelmed by floor to ceiling cabinets. Set apart from the rest of the home, the cramped kitchen had a single entry from the hall with just enough floor space for a small breakfast table.

The first step to improving the feel of the kitchen came by expanding the space nearly 30 square feet into the backyard. Not only did the design allow for a large center island to be installed, custom windows and a complementing  Dutch door on the new exterior brought natural light and backyard views.

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As vice president for Andrew Roby, Trent Haston helps oversee a variety of a custom residential construction projects. To learn more about how Andrew Roby can turn your home into a personalized comfortable space, call them at 704-334-5477, or visit them on the web at

Beth Keim

Tricey and Doug Edwards had a decision to make, to gut or not to gut (their kitchen). That was the question. The kitchen, as we all know, is the heart of the home, the gathering place. We also know it can be the most expensive room to re-do. I explained, to the best of my ability, the pros and cons of a “face lift” vs a “gut job.” A face lift often accomplishes all your needs. You can leave the existing layout and “face” everything else. Cabinets can be painted, appliances switched out, floors changed out or refinished and of course paint, tile and furnishings. In many cases it can be all you need for a new, clean and fresh look for less. Our next consideration was major renovation – moving walls, new cabinets, switching to gas, maybe bumping the room out for additional windows. It’s a hard decision to make because as great as a face lift can be, we all really want the blow out, something totally new.  we all really want the blow out, something totally new.
My only advice is this, if the budget allows and it’s the only major thing left on your home renovation list – go for what you really want.

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Beth Keim is the owner of Lucy and Company, a full-service interior design firm
located at 1009 East Boulevard in Charlotte. They can be reached at 704-342-
6655 or at

Quality cabinetry isn’t an item someone should sell you. It’s an investment you should choose after educating yourself. As an educated homeowner you can end up actually spending less—often far less—for the quality and design you want, by reviewing the details of the perceived high end estimate. Do not assume the lowest estimate is your best deal.

I remember a recent case where a homeowner got two estimates for new kitchen cabinets. Sometime later he called me because the door style he wanted wasn’t included in the lower estimate— and he’d been told by his vendor these doors would add $7,000 to a $24,000 job.

Most cabinet companies will provide you a set of standard options for doors, drawers, hardware, and molding—and anything else is an upgrade. So to avoid the most common pitfalls of the cabinet design process, let me suggest four questions you should ask:

Are all the door styles the same price? Certain styles are more in demand so vendors charge more. It’s the same reason that blue jeans with holes cost more money, because they’re the current fashion. Ninety percent of cabinet companies buy doors from someone else. So by the time the doors get into your kitchen, you may be paying for the profit and overhead of two or more middlemen. At Old River Cabinets we manufacture our own doors. It doesn’t matter what style you choose since the prices are all the same.

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To find out how Old River Cabinets can design beautiful cabinets with smart storage solutions for your home, call Aaron or his staff at 704-831-6267 or visit the showroom at 10235 Perimeter Parkway, in Charlotte or on the web at

The Arts and Crafts Movement that began in England in 1880 and held influence throughout Europe until the 1930s advocated the qualities of simplicity, use of honest materials, and an emphasis on craftsmanship. The Movement was a prelude to the Bauhaus School and modernism.
In America, Gustav Stickley, a leader of the American Craftsman Movement, which spawned the Craftsman (also known as Mission) style of furniture, was ahead of his time. Gustav believed, as leaders of the Bauhaus did, in incorporating machinery to improve the production process.
T oday the company that bears his name, Stickley Furniture, adheres to the guiding principles of the Arts and Crafts movement: dedication to quality, integrity, and pride in creating pieces of the finest workmanship. Using solid construction and the highest quality woods, the furniture created by his company was not only beautiful to look at and practical to use, it was made to last.
Staying true to its roots, Stickley Furniture continues its tradition of fine design principles born in the Arts and Crafts movement with designs that also reflect the Bauhaus and modernism periods that followed.
Mike Trescott, sales manager of Stickley Furniture in Charlotte, says the level of construction and craftsmanship they’ve maintained for more than a century at Stickley
Furniture is unique in the industry. He also notes though the Stickley name is associated with the Mission furniture created during the Arts and Crafts Movement, the company has carried the craftsmanship into new designs that fit well in an urban lifestyle.

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Stickley Furniture is located at 721 Governor Morrison Street in Charlotte. Find them online at or call them at 704-442-7171.

The kitchen is fast becoming the core of the home. As more homeowners opt to remodel rather than relocate, this room is often the first to receive a facelift.
A s long as Ashley Nydish has lived in her traditional Lake Norman area home, she knew the stark white laminate cabinets and countertops would have to go. “The kitchen was extremely outdated, and the cabinets were falling apart,” she says. “I needed to remodel for aesthetic reasons and to improve functionality.”
However, “Rearranging the layout wasn’t an option, so I needed to utilize the space that I had,” she relates. At Old River Cabinets, we see many homeowners who run into the same issue. Any cabinet can look good from 10 feet away, but how does it perform? Remodeling allows clients to gain functional space the original builder failed to design.

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To find out how Old River Cabinets can design beautiful cabinets with smart storage solutions for your home, call Aaron or his staff at 704-831-6267 or visit the showroom at 10235 Perimeter Parkway, in Charlotte or on the web at

Clean lines, creative storage and value are the hottest trends in kitchen cabinets right now. While cabinet exteriors are less ornate than in years passed, interior storage is becoming more sophisticated in order to maximize space and offer greater accessibility.

Green remains a hot trend, as consumers seek options that are both environmentally friendly and formaldehyde-free, while value remains a key concern at all price points.

Below are some of the hottest trends in kitchen cabinets today:

  • Design trends continue to favor clean lines and a streamlined, uncluttered appearance, with classic, timeless design the watchword of the day.
  • Value remains critically important to consumers, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean inexpensive. Rather, it’s about offering cabinets with features and options that consumers really want and need.
  • Consumers are demanding more features at every price point, and new technology is helping to make this a reality.  As a result. semi-custom and even stock cabinetry are offering more options and better storage.
  • With oversized trophy kitchens falling out of favor, storage has become more critical than ever, with clever interior storage options that maximize space and accessibility becoming not just desired, but expected.
  • The green trend remains strong, and formaldehyde-free wood, CARB-compliant products and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) materials are some of the more popular green requests.
  • When it comes to wood choices, maple and cherry remain hot, while walnut and mahogany offer a more rustic look that ties into the trend toward warmer spaces. Bamboo, although a small niche segment right now, is gaining ground with the ecologically minded.

E3 Cabinets & Design is the premier custom cabinetry manufacturer and design center for all your cabinetry needs in the Charlotte Metro area. We also carry several lines of manufactured cabinetry for all of your kitchen remodels or bathroom remodel. Visit our Design Center located at 130 Southside Drive, or on the web at

Stop by and see us Saturday, October 23rd from 10am-4pm for our second annual clearance sale.  This year we are pleased to announce the participation of two local door manufacturers to give you a larger selection of products. 

We have great deals on display units, and in stock items.  We have also teamed up with several of our manufacturers to offer special sale pricing on select items ordered during the sale.

The looking Glass is located at 407 Chatham Avenue, Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730.

For more information about the sale and The Looking Glass, Inc.  please visit

Modern bathroom designs involve an elegant simplicity that creates a mood of comfort and ease.  There are five major bath trends today that seem to be dominating the desired design aesthetic:

1. Longer and wider cabinetry-helps to elongate a small bathroom

2. Environmentally conscious products- these may include energy efficient products,etc.

3. Accessibility systems:  organizational systems are vital and allow for efficient storage of items

4. Counter-tops of differing heights:  accommodates people and guests of all heights and sizes

5.  Multiple sinks: allows for multiple people to be in a bathroom area at once, completing different tasks

For more information please visit

Why would a well-established local business choose to change their name? In the case of Queen City Countertops, a name change was needed to better represent their expanded service offerings. They recently broadened their scope of services from countertops to include complete renovation services, becoming Queen City Kitchen and Bath.

They now offer turn-key kitchen and bath renovations and project management to act as a liaison between the various subcontractors that are involved in a kitchen or bath remodel.

“Because we run the entire project in-house, this ensures on-time delivery and high quality workmanship, alleviating unnecessary homeowner stress,” says Dee Grannan, their in-house kitchen and bath designer.

In business since 2003 and family-run, the attention to detail and personalized service has been a critical component to this businesses success and repeat business…

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For more information on Queen City Kitchen and Bath, call 704-296-0040 or visit their new showroom at 3015 Chamber Drive, or visit

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