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When compared to other cities, the Charlotte housing market has been spared the drastic drops seen in other real estate markets. Urban Home decided to investigate how the changing real estate market has impacted home design, so we sat down with Kevin Holdridge of KDH Residential Designs to get his professional opinion on the matter.

For years, his business dwelled in the million dollar new construction market, some of which was based on speculative building. Custom home construction is dramatically different than it was two years ago. Fortunately, Holdridge diversified his business to keep pace with changing times.

Getting back to his roots in the building industry, Holdridge drew upon his expertise in design to include remodeling design. “Remodeling is a great alternative to building new. It allows homeowners to improve the floorplans of their existing residences without the disruption of a new move. Often times, the end result is more personalized than a new home,” said Holdridge. “When remodeling, KDH first looks at repurposing existing space. We find most clients’ lifestyles don’t match their floor plans. They have too many unused formal rooms. These are great areas to improve because, often times, the removal of a single wall will open a room and save our clients from costly additions…”

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