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In today’s market, many of us are looking to repurpose and reassess our home spaces. What are we using inefficiently? Where is the
unused space?

Laura VanSickle of Closets by Design says more homeowners today are rethinking their rooms and converting them into usable spaces. Instead of adding more rooms, give some thought to your existing layout. Is there a guest room used only once a year? Is there a
corner that would perfectly hold a small computer station?

For many, there is a large room that is underutilized and can be made more valuable – the garage. So many of us have already replaced
our parked cars with boxes and boxes of “one day” or “just in case” items. One day we discover we can barely walk through the garage. It
truly becomes a dysfunctional room.

“I dressed up my front door, but inevitably visitors pull in the driveway and come through my garage to enter the house,” says VanSickle. “So I solved the clutter problem and made the garage an organized entry point for my home.”

Closets by Design has a series of components to organize your garage, including a new product, Design Floor©, a non-epoxy flooring
system made of a polypropylene mix and rubber which is non-slip and repels dirt and grease. With its interlocking design, water and dirt
drops down below and can be easily blown out. If there is a problem, just pop out one piece as necessary…

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