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JELD-WEN, the world’s leading manufacturer of windows and doors, is raising awareness that what seems obvious may not always be the case when it comes to great home style.

Charlotte homeowners who have long envied those neighbors with meticulous front entries and amazing curb appeal are being made aware that they might be mistaken in what they perceive to be true. In fact, experts say that it’s possible that those who have long admired the exquisite wood entry doors of their neighbors may have been operating under a false assumption all along.

“It’s time to face facts”
Master of disguise, JELD-WEN Aurora Custom Fiberglass doors have been in the spotlight in many of these instances. Authorities point fingers to the fact that it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between these doors and real wood doors, which has earned JELD-WEN numerous awards and recognition for product excellence.

“People shouldn’t be surprised if they can’t immediately spot the difference – even the experts have trouble telling them apart,” said Derek Brosterhous, product marketing manager for JELD-WEN. “What many people perceive to be wood doors are in fact our Custom Fiberglass line. We take that as the ultimate compliment.”

Aurora Custom Fiberglass doors are currently available through The Design Center, a completely new retail concept in the Ballantyne Area outside of Charlotte offering JELD-WEN windows, doors, garage doors as well as professional installation services all in one showroom.

A growing awareness
With a new Douglas Fir species style being introduced this month, JELD-WEN Aurora Custom Fiberglass doors have become even more masterful at realistically mimicking a variety of woodgrains. Known for its straight, clean lines that work well with contemporary, traditional and even rustic styles, Douglas Fir has long been one of the most popular wood species for homeowners, builders and architects. Specific door designs include Classic, Craftsman, Estate and styles with glass insert and sidelights – all available in different system configurations. The new Douglas Fir species is available in 10 stain colors, and discerning homeowners can choose additional style elements including clavos and straps as decorative accents.

It’s understandable that JELD-WEN’s Custom Fiberglass door line is highlighted in these cases of mistaken identity, says Brosterhous. The company has taken pains to ensure that its Custom Fiberglass doors also actually sound like real wood when visitors come knocking, thanks to a solid, energy efficient core.

With the addition of Douglas Fir, the Custom Fiberglass line is now offered five finishes, including Oak, Mahogany, Alder and paint – making it even more tricky to tell the difference between real wood.

Making a positive ID
Homeowners who may be suspicious that their neighbor’s door is actually a JELD-WEN Custom Fiberglass door masquerading with exquisite wood style are advised to watch for telltale signs. Experts say clues may include:

–    A seemingly lack of interest in maintenance. JELD-WEN Aurora Custom Fiberglass Doors require virtually no maintenance and won’t swell, fade or warp under extreme conditions. If the neighbors have a beautiful-looking wood door but do next to nothing when it comes to maintenance, it may be a sign that it’s actually fiberglass.

–    Style consistency. As a wood species, Douglas Fir naturally yellows as it ages. JELD-WEN Aurora Custom Fiberglass doors maintain color consistency, so the grain and stain stay true over time.

–    Confidence to the extreme. Fiberglass will hold up to extreme exposure or harsh weather. It is a perfect option for homes that experience direct sunlight and moisture where wood doors may not be suitable.

The Design Center is located at 9484 Old Bailes Road, Fort Mill, SC, 29707. The phone number is 800-276-0411. Please visit our website at for further information.

When it comes to shopping for energy efficient windows and doors, most Charlotte homeowners don’t know their “U-Factors” from their elbows. But there are important industry terms that homeowners need to understand in order to select the right products for their needs, according to the experts at JELD-WEN Windows & Doors and The Design Center.
Window and door efficiency is measured in a number of ways, so it’s important to base choices on industry certifications, not a manufacturer’s advertising claims. The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) conducts tests for energy efficiency based on the entire product, not just the glass.

Efficiency ratings are based on these important factors:

  • U-Factor:  This is the amount of heat flowing through a product. The lower the   number, the more energy efficient the product is.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC):  This indicates the ability to block heat generated by sunlight. The greater the blockage, the lower the SHGC.
  • Visible Light Transmission:  This is the percentage of sunlight that penetrates a window or door. A higher number means more light enters through the glass.
  • Low-E Glass:  Low-E, or low emissivity, refers to a transparent metallic coating applied to one surface of insulated glass. In the winter, Low-E reflects some of the interior heat back into the home. During warm weather, Low-E glass reduces the amount of the sun’s heat from entering the home, lowering cooling needs. Manufacturers have improved the energy-saving qualities of Low-E glass, with products such as LoĒ3-366, which offers greater protection from solar heat gain.

The easiest way to identify the most energy efficient products on the market is to look for the ENERGY STAR label on products qualified by the Environmental Protection Agency.
In order to be ENERGY STAR qualified, a company must be NFRC certified. NFRC certification is conducted by a third-party organization that uses industry accepted standards for evaluating and certifying energy performance.
When it comes to windows and doors, the ENERGY STAR program also takes into account those products most suitable for particular regions and climates. Look for windows and doors with the label that shows they meet ENERGY STAR qualifications suitable for your region.
Energy Efficient window are currently available through The Design Center, a completely new retail concept in the Ballantyne Area outside of Charlotte offering JELD-WEN windows, doors, garage doors as well as professional installation services all in one showroom.
The Design Center is located in the Ballantyne area at 9484 Old Bailes Road, Fort Mill, SC, 29707. The phone number is 800-276-0411.  Please visit our website at for further information. 

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