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Interior DesignWe spend of good part of our lives collecting – antique china, crystal figurines, sports memorabilia, old pottery, Christmas ornaments – the list is varied and unique to each individuals’ taste.  Sometimes vacations and excursions are primarily focused on adding to our collections.  When we get home and review our collectibles, we think, “Now what am I going to do with this?”.  Read the entire article HERE. Bryan Pule Interiors. 303-399-8866.

It’s January, and if one of your resolutions was to become more organized, you’re not alone. According to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), the promise to get organized is one of the top five New Year’s resolutions we make, which is why the organization is sponsoring January as national Get Organized Month.

A recent survey conducted by NAPO showed that 65 percent  of people surveyed described their home as at least moderately disorganized, while 71 percent said their quality of life would improve if they were better organized. If you find yourself agreeing with the results of this survey, it’s time to take action and make this the year you finally get organized.  The freshness of an uncluttered, well organized home
can give you the positive energy you need to tackle the other resolutions on your list.

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Murphy beds sure aren’t what they used to be. See for yourself at Closet and Storage Concepts, well – that is if you can find them in their newly styled disguises. Today’s Murphy bed is virtually undetectable in entertainment-center designs surrounded by cabinets often taking up an entire wall.

By definition, a Murphy bed folds or swings into a cabinet or closet for concealment. These days, innovation has almost made you resist hiding them because when the bed is out, it’s a beautiful piece, and folded up, it’s even more striking.

Robert Coover, owner of Closet and Storage Concepts, offers these beds typically used in guest bedrooms for homeowners who are either downsizing or want to utilize the room as a den as well as a guest room by incorporating TVs, desks, and couches. “This makes sense for downtown condos, town homes, retirement communities, and places with restrictive square footage,” Robert says. “They are a lovely, efficient way for single-family homes to double up…”

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For more information on Closet and Storage Concepts, call 704-525-6515 or 1-888-THE-CLOSET (849-2567), or visit them at 635 Pressley Road, Suite H, and

This spring and summer, make gardening and yard work a breeze – with GarageTek!

Every gardener knows, you have to have the right equipment and supplies to keep your gardens growing. So, while you’re daydreaming about the colors of your decorative border of annuals this year, you might devote a little time to considering where you keep your shovels and rakes.

GarageTek, the leader in garage organization systems, can design and install an impeccable system to help you make the most of your Green Thumb and your free time, both in and outdoors.

The experience begins with a thorough clean out of your garage, eliminating and donating your unwanted items. Then, the team will take a look at what you keep, how you work in the space and strive to identify your gardening and outdoor needs — outfitting each with selections from their huge catalog of accessories.

First, GarageTek installs a patented, heavy duty TekPanel wall system around the walls of your garage. It’s made of an easy to wipe clean, yet ruggedly strong material that is perfect for the garage. TekPanel is a slatwall system with horizontal grooves used to clip in your accessories. These brilliantly designed additions make getting to the garden easy with grab-and-go functionality. GarageTek has created accessories that comfortably accommodate watering cans, hoses, gardening gloves, even weed eaters and leaf blowers!…

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To have GarageTek create your own personalized workspace, call 704-909-6418 or visit to schedule your free in-home consultation.

In today’s market, many of us are looking to repurpose and reassess our home spaces. What are we using inefficiently? Where is the
unused space?

Laura VanSickle of Closets by Design says more homeowners today are rethinking their rooms and converting them into usable spaces. Instead of adding more rooms, give some thought to your existing layout. Is there a guest room used only once a year? Is there a
corner that would perfectly hold a small computer station?

For many, there is a large room that is underutilized and can be made more valuable – the garage. So many of us have already replaced
our parked cars with boxes and boxes of “one day” or “just in case” items. One day we discover we can barely walk through the garage. It
truly becomes a dysfunctional room.

“I dressed up my front door, but inevitably visitors pull in the driveway and come through my garage to enter the house,” says VanSickle. “So I solved the clutter problem and made the garage an organized entry point for my home.”

Closets by Design has a series of components to organize your garage, including a new product, Design Floor©, a non-epoxy flooring
system made of a polypropylene mix and rubber which is non-slip and repels dirt and grease. With its interlocking design, water and dirt
drops down below and can be easily blown out. If there is a problem, just pop out one piece as necessary…

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For more information on the products mentioned in this story, please call Closets By Design at 704-588-7272 or

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