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If the recession has taught us anything, it’s that bigger isn’t always better. Even when it comes to our kitchens, we’re downsizing; the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s (NKBA) design trends for 2010 included  concealed kitchens and space efficiency.

In this aspect, Europe is decades ahead of us. The European kitchen is the model of efficiency and beautiful minimalist design. Cooking in Europe is viewed differently than in the US with fresh ingredients and depends less on stored and pre-prepared food. Space is usually at a premium so appliances are smaller and storage is paramount.

Charlotte homeowners are in luck because Nolte Home Studios, maker of Europe’s most innovative kitchen and bedroom designs, has recently opened its first US showroom in Pineville.

Nolte is a German manufacturing company (second largest single label in the world) that has been designing and producing high-quality kitchens for more than 50 years. Their innovative space-saving designs keep everything in your cabinets organized and close-at-hand while using every inch of space available.

But those are the things you don’t see; the exterior of a Nolte kitchen is a work of minimalist art with clean uninterrupted lines and a streamlined elegant look….

Click here to view the entire article or visit Urban Home Magazine’s website to learn more about Nolte Home Studio.

Visit the Nolte Home Studio showroom at 11523 Carolina Place Parkway in Pineville, or call 704-542-4640. Visit them online at

Murphy beds sure aren’t what they used to be. See for yourself at Closet and Storage Concepts, well – that is if you can find them in their newly styled disguises. Today’s Murphy bed is virtually undetectable in entertainment-center designs surrounded by cabinets often taking up an entire wall.

By definition, a Murphy bed folds or swings into a cabinet or closet for concealment. These days, innovation has almost made you resist hiding them because when the bed is out, it’s a beautiful piece, and folded up, it’s even more striking.

Robert Coover, owner of Closet and Storage Concepts, offers these beds typically used in guest bedrooms for homeowners who are either downsizing or want to utilize the room as a den as well as a guest room by incorporating TVs, desks, and couches. “This makes sense for downtown condos, town homes, retirement communities, and places with restrictive square footage,” Robert says. “They are a lovely, efficient way for single-family homes to double up…”

Click here to view the entire article or visit Urban Home Magazine’s website to learn more about the Closet and Storage Concepts.

For more information on Closet and Storage Concepts, call 704-525-6515 or 1-888-THE-CLOSET (849-2567), or visit them at 635 Pressley Road, Suite H, and

In today’s market, many of us are looking to repurpose and reassess our home spaces. What are we using inefficiently? Where is the
unused space?

Laura VanSickle of Closets by Design says more homeowners today are rethinking their rooms and converting them into usable spaces. Instead of adding more rooms, give some thought to your existing layout. Is there a guest room used only once a year? Is there a
corner that would perfectly hold a small computer station?

For many, there is a large room that is underutilized and can be made more valuable – the garage. So many of us have already replaced
our parked cars with boxes and boxes of “one day” or “just in case” items. One day we discover we can barely walk through the garage. It
truly becomes a dysfunctional room.

“I dressed up my front door, but inevitably visitors pull in the driveway and come through my garage to enter the house,” says VanSickle. “So I solved the clutter problem and made the garage an organized entry point for my home.”

Closets by Design has a series of components to organize your garage, including a new product, Design Floor©, a non-epoxy flooring
system made of a polypropylene mix and rubber which is non-slip and repels dirt and grease. With its interlocking design, water and dirt
drops down below and can be easily blown out. If there is a problem, just pop out one piece as necessary…

Click here to view the entire article or visit Urban Home Magazine’s website to learn more about Closets By Design.

For more information on the products mentioned in this story, please call Closets By Design at 704-588-7272 or

The recovering economy may be encouraging us to make changes that enhance the appearance and functionality of our homes. But in these realistic times, we are re-defining luxury. The spending patterns that have emerged reveal our new emphasis on quality, affordability and long-term value.

Design trends have followed suit, as interiors now reflect a “less is more” philosophy that uses every inch of space wisely, conserves energy, and strikes a balance between substance and style.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recently announced the winners of its annual design competition, along with the top 10 design trends, many of which mirror our new

mindset. From practical to the purely aesthetic, we compared the results from NKBA with feedback from Charlotte design professionals to bring you the most significant kitchen and bath trends in our market.

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Michaelis Boyd AssociatesThe source: Remodelista
The interior designer: Sarah Delaney
The architects: Michaelis Boyd Associates

BmYjcmEz, of Creature Comforts, shared a great new source for decorative items for your home, Cox & Cox.

Here is our wish list:

1. Wooden Baguette Tray
2. Dove Grey Gesso Frame
3. Towel Ladder
4. Think Sign
5. Sophie Conran Versatile Jug
6. Wire Mail Box
7. Kitchen Compost Bucket

Circa Kitchen 2
Architect Ken Pursley, of Pursley Architecture, designed this wonderful home here in Charlotte.  This is a beautiful space that happens to function as a kitchen.  In the pantry, pictured above, an under-mounted stainless-steel sink by Franke is set into a Lagos Azul limestone countertop. The wall-mounted faucet, with a separate sprayer, makes for easy cleanup.

Circa Kitchen
The kitchen countertops and alcove walls are made from large slabs of Calcutta Gold marble. A 17th-century Italian wall sconce above the Viking stainless-steel range adds a little counterpoint.  For more information about this Charlotte kitchen visit

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