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Let’s face it, as much as you love your adorable pooch, nothing they do can make you love the mess they leave behind when they trample their muddy paws on the freshly cleaned floors of your home! Soggy Doggytakes care of that, leaving you nothing but extra time to play with your fabulous energetic best friend. With their amazing products such as theSoggy Doggy Doormat® and Super Shammy, you can rest assured you won’t be spending all of your time cleaning up after your pup. The Soggy Doggy solutions eliminate one of the most annoying aspects of dog ownership – mucky paw mess!

The Soggy Doggy Doormat® is a great compliment to your home. Available in beige, blue, caramel, and dark chocolate brown, you are sure to find one that fits your decorating needs perfectly! The doormat is a super-absorbent, durable, microfiber-chenille shag mat that absorbs more water and dirt than a typical doormat, dries much faster, (and remains bacteria and odor-free too!) It’s made from millions of textured, woven, ultra-fine strands, which means that the surface area of this doormat is much greater than meets the eye. Best of all, it goes in the washer and dryer and comes out good as new!

Now that their pretty little paws are clean, what about the rest of them? The Soggy Doggy Super Shammy helps you dry off your pup with the same love and comfort you would give your child, because let’s face it, for most of us – our dogs are our children! It is made from the same microfiber “noodle” material as, the Soggy Doggy Doormat®. The fibers of this towel are actually millions of textured, ultra-fine strands woven together. The expansive surface area gives the Super Shammy tremendous absorbing power, and allows it to dry quickly. Best of all? It never gets that “wet dog” smell.. The Super Shammy also has convenient hand pockets for those hard to reach wet underbelly areas, and is able to go right in the washer and dryer. One size dries all.

We like this simple solution at Urban Home! We hope you do too. For more information, please visit



Luxe Home Couture
               follow cupid’s arrow from store to store & find all of the
                                            things you love to love!

                                               please join us for a
                                                    CUPID CRAWL
                   and take advantage of our valentine’s specials!
                              friday february 11th from 10am – 5:30pm
                              saturday february 12th from 11am – 4pm 
                            monday february 14th from 10am – 5:30pm
                             cupid’s arrow will hit the following stores…
                   abode . interiors marketplace. ladonna antiques & interiors .
                      luxe home couture . post & gray . jenko’s . cinch . isabella .
                                     acquisitions . lucy & co . mrs. howard
                                              follow cupid’s arrow!
post & gray
2139 south tryon st 28203
various discounts
$150 gift card giveaway

ladonna antiques & interiors
2216 hawkins st 28203
20% off entire purchase

201 w worthington ave 28203
20% off entire purchase

luxe home couture
227 east blvd 28203
20% off entire purchase
$250 luxe bucks drawing
refreshments . wine . chocolates

lucy and company
1009 east blvd 28203
20% off new project of $2500+
*if booked feb. 11-14

mrs. howard
1001 e. morehead st 28204
20% off entire purchase

interiors marketplace
923 providence rd 28207
various discounts
$150 gift card giveaway

102 middleton dr #b 28207 
20% off, up to 50% off select items

715 providence rd 28207
20% off regular-priced merchandise
$100 gift card drawing
refreshments & treats

715 providence rd 28207
20% off accessories, lamps & mirrors
refreshments & hors d’oeuvres

715 providence rd 28207
20% off all candles, diffusers, soaps & sleepwear

see you there!

When shopping for a new sofa or chair, the quality is on the inside. Don’t be misled by cost cutting imitations that do little more than diminish the comfort and durability of your new furniture.  Don’t be fooled…in the not so distant long run your back and wallet will pay for the corners cut on buying a piece of furniture not constructed to the highest quality standards.

Distinctive Fabrics & Furniture is committed to delivering outstanding quality custom upholstery at an exceptional value.  With over forty-five years of experience, we manufacture the custom upholstered furniture sold in our retail stores.  By managing the entire manufacturing process and eliminating the middleman markup each piece of furniture we produce is unmatched in craftsmanship and affordability.

A quality piece of furniture, should last a lifetime.  However, the most important aspects of quality are on the inside.  Each piece of custom upholstered furniture produced by Distinctive Fabrics and Furniture is constructed to the highest quality standards by skilled craftsman in our North Carolina plants.  Most important of those quality standards is the use of kiln, dried hardwoods and an eight-way hand-tied seating system.  When you’re buying new furniture, do not settle for anything less.

Always make sure your new sofa or chair is constructed with a solid wood frame consisting of five quarter or thicker, kiln dried hardwood for strength, durability and resistance to warping.  And most importantly, make sure you purchase nothing but a piece of furniture containing an eight-way hand-tied seating system consisting of double, coil springs fastened directly to the hardwood frame.  There are many imitations, pre-manufactured eight-way hand-tied systems on the market but none of them provide the superior seating comfort and durability of the traditional hand-tied approach from our skilled craftsman.   

Each piece of furniture manufactured by Distinctive Fabrics & Furniture is designed and custom built for your comfort, enjoyment and personal taste.  We encourage you to compare both our quality and our price.  We are confident you will not find a higher quality piece of furniture at a comparable price.  And with our re-upholstery services allowing you to periodically update the look of your furniture with a new fabric, your new furniture should last a lifetime.

Distinctive Fabrics & Furniture is located at 18820 Statesville Road in
Cornelius, NC. For more information call us at 704-895-6275. Or email to  You may also find us at and on Facebook.




1. Designed in the 1940’s and 50’s George Nelson’s clocks were highly
successful both as popular consumer products and icons of high design.
Design Within Reach.  704-365-6514.

2. Featuring a new super cute fit, the Bed Head pajama has a more
feminine fit than the traditional pajama. Cottage Chic.

3. Express yourself. Contemporary turned wood vessel in blues and turquoise,
Red Sky Gallery. 704-377-6400

4. This slim, retro-modern esspresso machine features automatic capsule ejection and
removable water tank and drip tray. A great addition to any stylish kitchen. Crate &
Barrel. 704-362-4003.

5. This modern pendant creates a layer of bright, downward illumination while
adding an element of sophistication to interior spaces. Available in various fabric colors
and a metal body. Modern Lighting Design. 704-332-     0901.

6. Hand-crafted by Anna Balkan. Featuring amethyst, fresh water pearls, ruby quartz,
citrine, garnet, blue topaz, lemon quartz with 18K gold plated chain. Sedona Boutique. 704-362-5507.

7. These glamorous pillows were inspired by “women and the love for their homes”.     Swarovski crystals, simple applique, designed to enhance the beauty of your home and    lifestyle. Lucy & Company. 704-342-6655.

Special thanks to Kathleen Hands for research.

The Bauhaus movement had a huge impact on art and architecture trends in the first part of the 1900s. Its modern design and functional application paved the way for experimentation in home décor. Nearly a century later, its sustained influence weaves its way into our homes over and over again…

Click here to view the entire article or visit Urban Home Magazine’s website to learn more about Closet of Style.

As a personal stylist in Charlotte, Catherine Horgan works with clients to create signature looks and a fulfilling wardrobe. Learn how to tap into your personal style at or call 704-408-0055 to schedule a style session.

Jenn-Air has taken super-premium performance to new heights with the introduction of their double wall oven. Featuring the Jenn-Air® Culinary Center, “It provides a level of performance far beyond anything Jenn-Air has ever offered,” says Juliet Johnson, manager of Jenn-Air Brand Experience.

With a seven-inch, full-color touch anywhere LCD display—the largest in the industry—the Jenn-Air® Culinary Center puts hundreds of dishes right at your fingertips, complete with full-color images. You simply select what you’re
making (beef, for example, and a specific entrée, like prime rib), your desired doneness and type of cookware, and it calibrates the perfect cooking time and temperature based on your preferences.

What’s more, the oven control makes finely tuned adjustments that take into account the different shapes and materials of the cookware being used. So it knows, for example, that cast iron needs more bottom heat than a
disposable baking pan, and calibrates the cooking time accordingly.

The Jenn-Air® Culinary Center also provides advice for preparation, rack position or temperature probe placement and pan usage. It even suggests proper resting time for different cuts of meat, so you can serve your food at the optimal temperature and degree of doneness…

Click here to view the entire article or visit Urban Home Magazine’s website to learn more about the Jenn-Air Culinary Center.

Since the introduction of the first self-ventilated cooktop in 1961 and downdraft ventilated range in 1965, Jenn-Air has consistently grown its reputation as a technology and design innovator. To learn more about the Jenn-Air appliance collection, please visit

What makes the beauty of a well-designed polished chrome faucet, sleek, sculpted tub or an ultra modern toilet even better? According to Cassie Abernethy, Complex showroom manager with HD Kitchen and Bath Collection, it’s state-of-the-art performance.

She explains that the newest lines of luxury plumbing fixtures feature electronic technology that allows you to control the flow of the water in your kitchen sink, adjust the lights and water level in your whirlpool bath, or heat your toilet seat to the perfect temperature. Every time. With only the slightest touch or the motion of your body.

HD Kitchen and Bath Collection features many products designed with the latest technology, including the Talo faucet by Brizo. Its streamlined design is a perfect accent for traditional, transitional or contemporary kitchens. But it’s the faucet’s SmartTouch® Technology, which allows you to turn the water on or off just by touching any part of the handle or faucet, that makes it so popular.

“There are many reasons people want electronic plumbing technology,” explains Cassie. “Water conservation is one reason; convenience is another. Our customers like the fact that they don’t have to make a number of repetitive movements in order to use the faucet. Concern about contamination is another big consideration, more so in commercial kitchens and restrooms, but now people can have this same technology in their homes…”

Click here to view the entire article or visit Urban Home Magazine’s website to learn more about the HD Kitchen and Bath.

Visit HD Kitchen and Bath Collection at four convenient locations, the showroom in Charlotte (704-845-5970), Huntersville (704-892-6466), Statesville (704-873-2255), and Salisbury (704-633-4481).

When compared to other cities, the Charlotte housing market has been spared the drastic drops seen in other real estate markets. Urban Home decided to investigate how the changing real estate market has impacted home design, so we sat down with Kevin Holdridge of KDH Residential Designs to get his professional opinion on the matter.

For years, his business dwelled in the million dollar new construction market, some of which was based on speculative building. Custom home construction is dramatically different than it was two years ago. Fortunately, Holdridge diversified his business to keep pace with changing times.

Getting back to his roots in the building industry, Holdridge drew upon his expertise in design to include remodeling design. “Remodeling is a great alternative to building new. It allows homeowners to improve the floorplans of their existing residences without the disruption of a new move. Often times, the end result is more personalized than a new home,” said Holdridge. “When remodeling, KDH first looks at repurposing existing space. We find most clients’ lifestyles don’t match their floor plans. They have too many unused formal rooms. These are great areas to improve because, often times, the removal of a single wall will open a room and save our clients from costly additions…”

Click here to view the entire article or visit Urban Home Magazine’s website to learn more about KDH Residential Design.

If you are building new or remodeling, call KDH Residential Design at 704-909- 2755 or visit them online at

If you have a need for a gift or simply would like a unique item for your own home, be prepared to be amazed at the array of artsy and functional offerings inside Sedona Boutique’s new Southpark location. The selection seems endless, with every item catching your eye. Each serves a purpose; each is also artistically styled, providing you with one-of-a-kind pieces.

“Our new Southpark store will be more home-oriented showcasing functional art from different artists, many of whom are less-known in Charlotte but better known in larger U.S. cities and across Europe,” says owner Zuhre Arinc. Currently, you can get a glimpse at Sedona Boutique’s temporary location at Southpark Mall, across from the fountain.

Zuhre scours the globe to bring unique, handcrafted items to Charlotte’s market for both gifting purposes and homeowners alike. Registries are provided for events such as weddings or housewarmings.

Collection categories comprise decorative and functional glass art, tableware, metal art, ceramic and porcelain art, paintings and pictures, collectibles and novelties, edible art, jewelry art, and jewelry and music boxes, among many other beautiful and useful items. The new location also will feature Italian glass stemware, Italian-made decorative glass centerpieces, and high-quality English and French china…

Click here to view the entire article or visit Urban Home Magazine’s website to learn more about Sedona Boutique.

Sedona Boutique’s new location as of May 1, is 4310 Sharon Road, Suite U11-A, in the Village at Southpark. For more information, call 704-362-5507, email, or visit

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