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This spring and summer, make gardening and yard work a breeze – with GarageTek!

Every gardener knows, you have to have the right equipment and supplies to keep your gardens growing. So, while you’re daydreaming about the colors of your decorative border of annuals this year, you might devote a little time to considering where you keep your shovels and rakes.

GarageTek, the leader in garage organization systems, can design and install an impeccable system to help you make the most of your Green Thumb and your free time, both in and outdoors.

The experience begins with a thorough clean out of your garage, eliminating and donating your unwanted items. Then, the team will take a look at what you keep, how you work in the space and strive to identify your gardening and outdoor needs — outfitting each with selections from their huge catalog of accessories.

First, GarageTek installs a patented, heavy duty TekPanel wall system around the walls of your garage. It’s made of an easy to wipe clean, yet ruggedly strong material that is perfect for the garage. TekPanel is a slatwall system with horizontal grooves used to clip in your accessories. These brilliantly designed additions make getting to the garden easy with grab-and-go functionality. GarageTek has created accessories that comfortably accommodate watering cans, hoses, gardening gloves, even weed eaters and leaf blowers!…

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