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Interior DesignWe spend of good part of our lives collecting – antique china, crystal figurines, sports memorabilia, old pottery, Christmas ornaments – the list is varied and unique to each individuals’ taste.  Sometimes vacations and excursions are primarily focused on adding to our collections.  When we get home and review our collectibles, we think, “Now what am I going to do with this?”.  Read the entire article HERE. Bryan Pule Interiors. 303-399-8866.

The Elizabeth Community in Charlotte, a historic district about one mile from Uptown, will showcase five homes, an artist’s studio, and  several outstanding gardens and landscaped areas, during it’s annual Home Tour in October.

Who: The Elizabeth Community Association

What: Annual Home and Garden Tour

When: Saturday, October 2, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.;

Sunday, October 3, from 1 to 5 p.m.

Where: The historic Elizabeth Community

Tickets: $12.00 in advance at Elizabeth neighborhood businesses;

$15.00 on tour days at the Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs,

1820 East 7th St.

Details: The showcased homes, studio, and landscaped areas are:

-Julie Chavez and Scott Kaysen, East 8th St., home and garden

-Diana and Reid Watson, Kenmore Ave., home and garden

-Heather and Gus Obleada, Clement Ave., home

-Paige McThenia and Jon Adams, East 8th St., home & garden

-Kristan and Ken Magas, East 5th St., home

-Kris and Ric Solow, East 5th St., garden and studio

-Leesa and Jim Clardy, East 5th St., garden

Tammy and Mark Hermann, East 5th St., garden

Elaine and Jerry Tylman, Kenmore Ave., outdoor areas

The Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs, 1820 East 7th St., and Hawthorne Lane United Methodist Church, 501 Hawthorne Lane, will complete the tour offerings. The Council house will be decorated with arrangements crafted from flowers and greenery readily available in Charlotte. Club members will be on site to answer gardening questions.

Maya Packard, tour chairperson,

Charlotte Bungalow RenovationThe decorating continues on our living room, dining room, breakfast nook and bathroom. Within the last few weeks, the drapes have been hung, the walls painted, the ceiling painted, the new sofa came (actually we recovered it), the dining room chairs were painted, the chandeliers hung (love them!) and our living room chair came in. We are having a round puff recovered in a fabric that looks like leather (tan color) and the seating area in the breakfast nook is being built. Then we need to find a table for that area. The bathroom got new wallpaper that has sort of a metallic sheen to it. We are marching toward completion of the project within the next 30 days, then we have to start looking for some art work. We want to take our time with that and want to make sure it really sets off the room. We are using Beth Keim of Lucy and Company for interior design.

Living Room
Well, it’s slowly starting to come together. The living room was cleared out the other day and the first coat of paint went up there. It’s a Taupe color. The interior decorator, Beth Keim, (AWESOME!) dropped off samples of the rug, drapes, fabric etc… We keep going into the room to check on it’s progress when Keith the painter is here, hoping it will come along faster! We can’t wait for the finished result!!! This week–we hope to get the bathroom wall-papered, the dining room painted, the mantle painted then on to the kitchen paint…THEN we are hoping the furniture arrives!!!! It’s really starting to come together.

Charlotte, NC
We live in a very cool old house in Elizabeth and as you can see, have nothing in our living room except some furniture my mother gave me—EEEK!!!
We just hired one of Charlotte’s coolest interior designers, Beth Keim of Lucy and Company to help with the transformation—the painters come next week, the old rug and puff will POOF—disappear! The style will look like something from the pages of Metropolitan Home—stay tuned—we’ll post more pictures next week of the dining room, breakfast nook, bathroom, and kitchen—all being transformed! We can’t wait.

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